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last saturday i drove from rotterdam to a small town in the south of holland called middelburg. i went there with two friends to see a performance by an LA rapper called Abstract Rude. it took me 1.5 hours to get to the place. apparently it was a “word-of-mouth” gig, so not many people were expected to be there. there weren’t many people there when we arrived but considering the size of this place (probably smaller than your local pub) there really couldn’t be many people anyway.

so the opening act was some crazy shit from germany. good reggae though, forgot the name. while this act was on my friends and i went into the hallway where we saw abstract rude, looking somewhat somber, on his own smoking a blunt. i took a picture of my friend with this rapper who didn’t really say anything until we were leaving and i wished him luck…not that he’d need it, but he gave me a smile and said thanks! this guy had a winning smile, legit! real nice…so we went back in to see the opening act finish up and then abstract rude came on.

unbelievable performance, from him and his crew, who were zulu butterfly on backing vocals and dj syndikit on turntables. the venue was shit and the people were shit, cuz most of them were obviously locals who came for a drink and didn’t know who was rapping. i mean, the promoters or the tour manager or someone must have been crazy and thought that because middleburg had middle in it it must be the capital of holland, but middleburg is the equivilent of a hicktown.

the show was amazing, the lyrics were amazing and it was truly a great experience with my friends and with random folks in MIDDLEBURG, deepsouth reprezent!!!

after the show, my friend wanted to take some pictures and we sat on a bench trying to act all cool for the photo like most rap artists, but we ended up taking about 20 pictures and none of them came out right cuz i couldn’t take us seriously.

but yeah…abstract rude…check it out if you like hip hop.