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Any thoughts on a date for the next chat ??
Avoiding any major sporting events, & national holidays this time :D

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I’m free for the rest of the holidays, so I can join the chat any time… well, except saturdays wink
Maybe the 8th August? or 15th?

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I am on a short holiday in the middle of august ... so it would be great either before the 8th of august or after the 15th! PLEASE! THANK YOU smile

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Yeah, since it’s summer holidays, many people are on vacation, so I guess a later date would be better, somewhere near the end of august perhaps?

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been a while i reckon. how’s everyone doing? DOING? i wonder why that isn’t pronounced like BOING! but yeah, i have no beef with the next chat date, so all lights are green on my side.


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heh, anytime is good for me

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So how about Sunday, August 29th? I think I should make it then… so what does everybody think?

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Will we make that the date then ?
I’ll post a message on my site smile

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GREAT GREAT GREAT! I¥ll be there!

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Ok, here’s the details of the August chat.

Date - Sunday 29th August.

Time - 8pm UK, 9pm Europe CT, 3pm USA EST.

Place -

When you go to the chat site, a box will appear with some Polish words next
to it. Simply enter your name (or a nickname) into the box, and click the
button, or press ENTER or RETURN on your computer, and you will enter the

See you there.

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Right thats tomorow then, whos gonna be there?

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I think I should make it wink

Total Posts: 122  Me too.

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I forgot about it.  :(

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well there will be some more chats i think

next one in september ... well its not that far away

we soon will be celebrating the 20th kelli chat ... so make sure, all the cool guys and girls from here are coming

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Sorry to be negative here, but i have to say this.
It would be nice if more fans made an effort to join the chats   :?  Don’t get me wrong, i love the regulars (in a brotherly way i should add :oops: ), and we always have a great chat. But we also need new blood to join in and keep the chats fresh, very few others make the effort :cry:
Any thoughts ?  Who knows, maybe i’m out of order saying that. (it’s 3am, i’m nackered, and in a bad mood :evil: ), but it’s said now.