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Perhaps Kelli could send out a newsletter about the chat dates? Or post them in the news section ... Don¥t think every fan will be registred in here. Perhaps some fans can¥t or don¥t want to read the messages from the board?

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I sent a private message to Metso asking if he could post the chat anouncements in the news on the main page. I agree that some fans don’t like to or don’t want to read the forums…

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I’m sorry I haven’t appeared in any of the chats for a while. I’m usually busy or doing something else at the time they take place. Last time, it was my sister’s birthday. Sometimes I forget too - I don’t have the best memory in the world.  :oops:

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its really sad, im like that too, i put reminders on my phone, thats not a pice of advice, its just proveing how sad i am!

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What about the next chate date? any thoughts ... we have to look for kelli dates ... it shouldn¥t be a chat when kelli performs.

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Does Kelli ever stop by the chats?

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[quote author=“jehnidiah”]Does Kelli ever stop by the chats?

Yes, Kelli often attends the chats.

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Hey Kids!

Hey Kids,

I really enjoy our chats! We will be sure to post the next chat date up on the news. It would be great if we could welcome some more people but it’s always cool to catch up!

Stay Rockin’ Kids!


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Hey Kelli, we always love it when you join us, it makes the chats very special.  How about the next chat around the end of September, early October ???
Kelli, just noticed you don’t have an avatar, what about this…

Cute :D

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Thats really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where did you get this?

Cool, the next chat date will be up in the news section. Hopefully some more people will join.

Should we do it again on soulburners site? Cause there were some difficults the last time.

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That picture rocks, corky! Love it smile

About the chatroom - I think the problems were only temporary. If it happens again, then we might think about switching to something else wink  That’s my humble opinion, ofcourse :oops:
I’ll test some php-chat scripts right now, so watch this space for details wink

edit2 - there are no good php-chat scripts… and the speed of the free php+mysql servers caused a headache. I’ll test two other chats tomorrow… gonna take a nap now raspberry

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I’m playing with my new Kelli fansite (finaly back to work wink) and the new chat page. From now on, the chat will be here:

I hope that there won’t be any problems with the chatroom anymore wink
It’s soon going to feature some cool stuff, like live webcams smile

About the php-chats—I’ve tried again today, but I can’t get most of them to work. I’m doing everything what’s written in the readme :( There are problems with the database or with file attributes on the server. I know the database is okay, cause I already use a forum on that server (different account) and I also know that the attributes are set propery (777)...

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soulburner:  Just make sure you’re uploading the files in the right format.  Most files should be uploaded in ASCII format, whereas pictures and the like should be sent in binary format.  Play around in your FTP client if you’re not sure what I’m talking about; you’ll come across the options, and just be sure it’s set to ASCII.  Hope this helps.  smile

PS - Can’t wait to join the chat!  It’s a dream to be able to speak to Kelli..  wow..

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Thanks for the tip, jehnidiah! Gonna see if it works smile

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Since we’re in the middle of the month, I think it’s time to set the date for the next chat. I think the 26th September is a good choice, what do you all think?