What are you listening to now?

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I’ve seen similar topics on other music related forums, so I decided to start one over here smile
Post the artist and title of a song you are listening to right now or just listened to. You can also write why do you like that particular song or what does/did it remind you of smile

I’ll start wink

Theatre of Tragedy “Superdrive”
...reminds me of a friend who I haven’t heard from in a while; a great electronic track, possibly good for parties (not tested yet wink), awesome to listen while driving a car 8)

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Coldplay ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”.
Ermmm doesn’t really remind me of anything, but i like it.

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hmm, well, im currently listing to three artists apart form the lovely kelli, Zero 7 - when it falls its a good album, very chilled out, and im gonna go see them soon at the bestival festival, Queen Adreena - Taxidermy yeah a bit of a change, but i really like it, its very raw and rash, and yes its a tad depressing, but i dont know, katie jane garside has a great voice, and finaly John Lennon’s Imagine album in my cd player, i ahve been trying to learn a few of his very classic songs, the pub where me and my mates drink in have just put a piano in so, i feel i have to be able to play some classics,

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Blackfield - Cloudy Now
I love the lyrics

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The current song on is Ours - Leaves.
The next song is MDFMK - Torpedoes
The previous song was VNV Nation - Solitary
The song after the next will be Portishead - All Mine

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i voted for “Inferno high love” so quess what i will be listening too in a few minutes on auralgasms smile

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‘Still’, Kelli Ali
I like the bittersweet lyrics and mood of this song smile

but now i’m off to work (groan :( )

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Well Kelli Ali - of course.

Other random music:

The new Modest Mouse CD
Linda Ronstadt - “Different Drum”
Bjork - Medulla

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Def Leppard - Hysteria
this song is simply a masterpiece! No other band can write such beautiful ballads. The lyrics in this song almost make me cry each time I hear it

A bit offtopic - on the next chat, I’ll probably host an internet radio of my own wink You’ll get to hear some cool tunes smile
Unfortunately, my internet connection is only 100kbit/s upstream, so only 4 people could listen in 24kbit stream (mp3PRO, so the quality is acceptable wink). Maybe someone with a faster upload could help during the chat?

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Europe - Prisoners in Paradise
goose-flesh all over my body

“we’re just children of tomorrow, hangin’ on to yesterday”

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Curve - Chinese Burn

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Im listening to sleater kinneys one beat album….i love it!

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Sleater kinney ... hehehe ... corin tucker is sweet smile I saw her in 98 or was it 99, when they played a gig in vienna (austria). support were “helium” also cool band.

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i do know them ... cool music

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woh ur very lucky to have seen sleater kinney….and helium….they are both in my top 5 fave bands.
the yeah yeah yeahs are cool 2! :D