A Paradise Inhabited by Devils

26 October 2010

I am delighted to announce that my new collaboration album ‘A Paradise Inhabited By Devils’ created with the wonderful composer and pianist Ozymandias is to be released this November 2010!!! You can hear a preview track ‘Only The Sun’ from the album here
The album is a haunting contemporary classical minimalist piano and vocal album of 11 tracks inspired by the short stories of Mary Shelley which we wrote and recorded together in Switzerland and London 2009 - 2010.

In Spring 2009 the composer and pianist, Christophe Terrettaz aka Ozymandias, invited me to Switzerland, to collaborate with him on an album inspired by the short stories of the gothic horror writer, Mary Shelley.
When I first heard Christophe’s beautiful piano pieces I was spellbound and delighted, my head running away with my heart at the possibilities such wonderful music presented to a singer/writer. The challenge was to write and sing in a way that I had never before contemplated. This album is my first attempt at singing in a truly classical vocal style.

Some of you will know that I have been deeply inspired for some time by such genius composers as Phillip Glass, Steve Reich and Michael Nyman, Ennio Morricone, Max Richter (who produced my Rocking Horse album 2008) so it was for me a great and exciting journey, to collaborate with the wonderfully talented Christophe Terrettaz/Ozymandias on an album that was not only inspired by one of the world’s greatest writers but that could also in some way pay homage to those great modern composers who have so bravely shaped and evolved contemporary classical music.

Some of the songs on the album have titles which you will easily link to the stories of Mary Shelley- such as Despina’s Prayer To The Stars and The Death of Despina, whilst other songs are more obscurely linked to a particular scene or character, such as ‘Only The Sun’ which was based on ‘Euphrasia A Tale of Greece’ and the dying Constantine’s last moments.

Mary Shelley created poetic and macabre landscapes of dark opulence and intrigue with her wonderful stories of heroes and heroines, demons and dopplegangers, tragic lovers and doomed soldiers. For me, discovering the romance and mystery of Mary Shelley was like stumbling upon treasure, I was incredibly inspired by her black wit and depth, her ability to place her characters in the cruellest of tragedies and meet the darkest ends and yet make it all seem so beautiful and dignified and spell binding.

As I learned more about the remarkable Mary Shelley and discovered her intriguing poetical short works, I became immersed in her mysterious, macabre and very romantic world and thoroughly relished every moment of creating the vocals for the wonderful piano music at the heart of the album.

Mary Shelley once described the city of Naples as ‘A Paradise Inhabited by Devils’  We thought it a fitting title for the album as the music depicts the bliss and horror which shimmers throughout her haunting stories.
‘A Paradise Inhabited by Devils’ is an album born of our love for Mary Shelley’s artistry and the desire to create music which might express some of the poetry romance and mystery of her mesmerising works.

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On 21 July 2011 Simon said:

Hello Kelli,
Has the album ‘A Paradise Inhabited by Devils’ been completed? the release date has come and gone, have I missed the release? I can’t seem to find this to buy anywhere?
After listening to the haunting, very beautiful ‘Only The Sun’ I’m just so eager to hear the whole collection.
It’s something very different for you.


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