A Wonderful Night Playing with Greg Weeks & Festival at The Hare & Hounds

29 November 2008

Last night was a very memorable night for me. Not only did I play a gig in my hometown, Birmingham for the first time in years but it was in support of the incredible artists Festival and Greg Weeks.

I have been very interested in Greg Weeks ever since I first heard the Espers song, Dead Queen from their beautiful album, Espers ll.


The more I learned about this prolific and skilled artist and producer, the more fascinated I became with his vision and music.

Greg is involved with many fantastic groups and projects including The Valerie Project which I would advise any fellow vintage horror film lovers to check out. He has produced some spectacular albums including Songs lll: Bird On The Water, by Marissa Nadler and the wonderful ‘From a Window to a Wall’ album by Noa Babayof.


Greg Week’s solo work is intriguing and enriching and his new album, The Hive, is so good. It was with the greatest of pleasure that we rolled into town to support Greg and Festival last night, at The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath. A lovely venue, where I had last played around 15 years ago.

The Hare & Hounds has always been a great place to watch good bands. It has been given a lovely and considered renovation since I had last played there! It was a far cry form the dark and stale bar room that it used to be. Now it has a great sound desk (complete with sweet and very competent sound guy Dan) and the feel of a medieval banquet hall. The perfect place to sup on red wine and watch the beauty of live music unfold before your very ears & eyes!


Meeting Greg and the lovely band Festival was thoroughly charming. On walking through the door, I immediately introduced myself to Greg who had just soundchecked. I guess my enthusiasm for his work was apparent! I gushed about being a great admirer of his music and he courteously entertained my curious intrigue about his various projects. Alexis and Lindsey of Festival were just as amiable and a pleasure to be around and the very talented and lovely Maria, who was playing with both Greg Weeks and Festival and goes by the name of Woolly Mar was a beautiful spirit who instantly made me feel uplifted. Playing my gig before them was such an honor and seeing them play was unbelievable!


It was an amazing gig, the sound was super and the vibe in the room, sheer pleasure and warmth. Amongst the audience were my family and friends from Birmingham.
Each moment seemed bathed in a serenity and light and playing with my band felt truly magical. Looking out into the eyes of my loved ones all smiling and enjoying the songs and then seeing Greg Weeks and the members of Festival enjoying our gig was a gift in time. I will remember last night for a long time.

After we finished playing, I drifted around the room between friends and then the almighty power that is Festival took the stage! What a sound! Harmonies like I’ve never heard and haunting songs which demand your attention and stay with you, pulsed from the stage. I was very inspired by their music and have been playing their album ‘Come Arrow Come!’ which is already a new favorite of ours.


We watched Greg Weeks play a deep and wonderful set of his songs and we sat in a hushed kind of wonder. We were ensconced by his hypnotic music and the lull of a warm and wonderful gig on a winter’s eve. Here we were sharing a beautiful gig with some truly visionary artists what could be better!

So it is on nights like these, we feel very very warm and blessed to be musical and involved with the present and not only allowed but encouraged to share our music with each other, very very lucky indeed.

We said our fond farewells to Greg, Festival and Wooly Mar, as we drove back to London, through the misty night, we listened to the music of the people we had shared the stage with that night and we marveled at the beauty.

Here’s links to the beautiful people themselves:

Greg Weeks Myspace
Festival Myspace
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