Butterfly Album Release

02 March 2009

I will release my acoustic album ‘Butterfly’ on the 1st April. Signed copies of the limited art worked Butterfly album C.D.s are now available to pre-order here. Butterfly is my first independent release only available here.

A Butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis and freedom. Mysterious and beautiful wings of summer transgress the boundaries of existence, for these creatures are the essence of change and transformation.

For me, music is a journey and a teacher. I am always learning and discovering new ways to make a song or a piece of music and working with other musicians who inspire me is the heart of my musical journey.
Whilst working with the members of my band, Jane South, Peter Shoulder and Alex Beamont on the live Rocking Horse set last year, I was so inspired and enthused by these wonderful musicians and their precious contribution to the songs, that I asked them to work with me on a special record.

The record is called Butterfly and it is a collection of ten acoustic songs old and new.
Through the process of reinterpreting the songs from my Rocking Horse album for the live set, we found a delicate haunting sound. I felt it would be exciting to explore this way of working and see if we could make an entire record based on the idea of acoustic reinterpretation.

We revisited some of the songs on the Rocking Horse album such as ‘One Day At A Time’ and Rocking Horse. We also re-worked Wings in Motion from my
Tigermouth album and Willow’s Song from The Wicker Man film soundtrack. Other songs on the album are brand new such as the title track Butterfly.
I believe that the acoustic versions of the songs have a power and beauty of their own. Butterfly is a simple album which captures the spirit and performance of our live set.

I hope that you enjoy this record as it is for those of you who continue to care for and support my music that I made the album. For the people who come to our gigs and share our live shows, for my listeners who send messages of support and encouragement and of course all of you who continue to understand and cherish my music.

After all, without you, making music would be like watching a butterfly in the dark. Favicon Bookmark on   Digg Favicon Bookmark on Digg   Reddit Favicon Bookmark on Reddit  


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On 02 March 2009 Indigo Blue said:

Hi kelli,
I was introduced to your voice through ‘Almost Diamonds’ your beautiful duet with Marc Almond, that track became my favourite from ‘Open All Night’.
I searched out music with you on it and came across the amazing ‘Tigermouth’ album and it’s singles which again is one of my most adored albums, happy to say that ‘Psychic Cat’ lived up to it’s task as a worthy and outstanding follow up.
‘Love In Traffic’ ‘Up In Flames’ and Play With Bootsy’ were great anthems and filled the void.
It took a while for a new album….but it was worth the wait ‘Rocking Horse’ is amzingly simple, but hold so much within it, i love it.
Can’t wait for ‘Butterfly’, I am an eager follower of your voice and writing.
Thankyou for the music Kelli Ali.
Indigo Blue.


On 19 May 2009 Indigo Blue said:

Still LOVING it! are you writing your next album yet?
Do you have any more duets planned with Marc?
Viva Le Kelli Ali. xx

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