Dancing Bears

07 December 2008

” Sold your guitar with a bummed out little smile, kicking curbs along the way. We’ll find another in a little while, doesn’t matter any way. Here We Go. like Dancing Bears, Without a care”

I wrote the song Dancing Bears about the uplifting spirit of friendship that can change a very bed day into a very magical one. I have sold quite a few guitars in my time and whenever I ended up having to sell one, so I could buy food and other necessities, it always made me a bit blue. Handing it over and knowing that I wouldn’t see it again, not knowing when I would get enough cash to buy another one.

Although, I didn’t play much, having a guitar around was just good for me and when the time came when I would have to sell it (as I had little else of any value) it just used to seem so unfair. Friends of mine have also got by at one time or another by pawning or selling their guitars and other instruments so I used this idea to begin Dancing Bears as a symbol for being blue, feeling down and out etc.

Writing in San Francisco

I have been incredibly lucky to have some dear and wonderful friends in my life. At various low points, from time to time, it is my friends and loved ones who have rolled up with a smile and a bottle or two of something good to share. We have drowned our sorrows together and stumbled and staggered like Dancing Bears, arm in arm and sweet.

There is an enduring innocence and beauty between very good friends which brings out the child in us I feel. We can overcome such a lot with the help of friends and it’s good to remember that sometimes we can get so over serious about things that bring us down and forget about the good stuff. When we feel ugly, our friends make us feel beautiful and when we feel useless, our friends give us purpose. Favicon Bookmark on   Digg Favicon Bookmark on Digg   Reddit Favicon Bookmark on Reddit  


5 responses to this journal entry:


On 07 December 2008 Muffy St. Bernard said:

Wonderful metaphor that you could really run a mile with…I can’t wait to hear the song!


On 24 December 2008 terry said:

i wish i had you as a friend,happy holidays kelli!


On 31 December 2008 Maggi said:

I´m in Love with you and your Music.
Kelli, I wish you all the best and good luck next year.


On 07 February 2009 jim said:

I love your music. You definitely do great work. I would love to hear some more of it. Thanks for sharing your music.

rate my cam dance


On 11 February 2009 Jon loves Drum Kit said:

Hey, really like the metaphor….nice set up your working with, are those KRK’s in the background?

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