Heaven’s Door

20 November 2008

Heaven’s Door is about finding love and hope, I want this song to be gentle and gracious. Acoustic guitar with a light piano and strings.

Heaven’s Door Notes Photo by Metso

It’s also like a picture of two lost souls waiting at Heaven’s Door but afraid to go in and preferring to stay with each other in limbo rather than entering heaven apart.

It’s symbolic of course, I don’t believe there to be a real physical place called Heaven, with a door which souls go through but I liked the image of this and when I’m writing songs I am inspired by all kinds of visual elements and stories, daydreams.

Marc Pilley, the guitarist, came to the studio today. We played through the song together and eventually we had a sweet rolling foundation which will be great for Heaven’s Door.

Marc Pilley is a very sensitive guitar player and he got the vibe of the song very quickly. Heaven’s Door is charming and gentle in its nature, so it was very important that we capture this warmth and rolling pace with the acoustic guitar.

Max Richter & Marc Pilley & Me at Ca Va Studio Photo by Metso

Going through the songs with Marc Pilley, I see how years and years of dedication and love given to his instrument have rewarded him with a musical skill and intuition which allows him to play his lovely guitar with all the fluid expression of a master.

It’s such a pleasure to hear these songs played so well and I am thoroughly excited about recording the guitars! Favicon Bookmark on   Digg Favicon Bookmark on Digg   Reddit Favicon Bookmark on Reddit  


8 responses to this journal entry:


On 07 November 2008 kelvin said:

Beautiful song….


On 09 November 2008 Rud said:

Great lyrics!!! I loved this song.


On 10 November 2008 Sebastián said:

Kelli, this is your best song yet!
please, continue growing as an artist like you’ve been doing it since Tigermouth! Every new Kelli album is a little surprise for me, I am always discovering new sides of your music.

A huge kiss from Chile!


On 10 November 2008 Kevyn x said:

This is my fav out of the 3 releases so far.. the harmony of strings, gentile stokes of piano, and your voice entwining each note truely sounds breathtaking.  Its beautiful, pure, and simply wonderful.  What a piece of art! 



On 12 November 2008 Michael Critz said:

Interesting sound, good writing. I like this.


On 24 November 2008 Równowago said:

I agree with Kevyn.

‘Heaven’s Door’ is most beautiful from this 3 released. It’s time to order this CD, heh!


On 27 November 2008 terry said:

awesome kelli,you have a beautifull soul and i love ya! always,terry. xoxoxoxoxox   p.s. -please come and play in the washington dc area!


On 26 May 2011 fan said:

Could someone please write down the lyrics? I’d love to understand every single word of my all time favourite Kelli Ali Song!

Can’t wait for new tracks of you, Kelli!


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