Highway 1

10 December 2009

We left the sunkissed winding streets of San Francisco and began our drive down the Beautiful coast of California.Vast purple hued sunsets and golden dawns, afternoon cafe stops and
long winding highways, snaking around mountains and hills.The deep blue ebb and flow of the ocean alongside us as we follow our dreams South..


We ate icecream at Marianne´s in Santa Cruz, Hot Brownie Sundae to die for!


Watching the seals at Pismo beach was mesmerizing and the austere beauty of Big Sur bathed our hearts in reverie for nature and California and life.


Loving the time and the driving freedom and transience of drifting from epic scenes of beauty into sleepy towns and beach camps.
We pitch our tent at the end of each day and I read some of my little book that I bought in Oakland, I am reading The Psychoanalysis of Fire by Gaston Bachelard, it´s a quirky little read and I´m glad I bought it along for the ride….


My Voyage Air Guitar is magnififcent! I am enjoying getting to know the sound of this lovely guitar and am so glad I managed to get it just before we left San Francisco.
I haven´t begun writing yet, as we are constantly on the move.


As we get closer to our beloved Baja, I find myself dreaming of the Sea of Cortez, smiling faces and the mystic beauty of
the cactus, standing like guardian spirits on the moonlit hills. Favicon Bookmark on   Digg Favicon Bookmark on Digg   Reddit Favicon Bookmark on Reddit  


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On 11 January 2010 Soulbuner said:

Full size pictures, please!


On 13 January 2010 Merlin Jones said:

Did you go to the Nepenthe in Big Sur?  Facing south on this restaurant’s deck, on a clear day, it looks like a zen painting.  Big Sur to Morrow Bay has beaches that look like they are from the moons of Jupiter.  Nothing like them on earth, complete moving paintings under ay light.


On 15 January 2010 Jenny said:

Beautiful pix, Metso.  Beautiful words, Kelli.  You captured it all…


On 15 January 2010 guatemala said:

highway 1 was some of my favorite memories, we flew into san fran and rented a car drove the PCH all the way to sandiago by way of yosimity and venice beach another one of my favorites. somewere north of san simion the car started running out of gas, so we stoped by a closed gass station to spend the night till they open in the mourning, by day brek there were about seven other cars there to, waiting on gass. ha best 1200 miles ive driven


On 30 January 2010 Peter said:

When you drive back up, stop at the big sur river inn.
They have a creek with huge wooden chairs availble strewn about. It’s very peaceful and fun to sit High and dry in the creek with your bare feet in the water!


On 13 February 2010 gin_rio~Alaska said:

Great pics of your trip. They seem to compliment your story as I traveled along with you in your journal . My wife & I also enjoyed our trip down Highway 1, unfortunately we only made as far as Carmel.
  You come to Alaska if you really want enjoy the outdoors and its beauty it has to offer.

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