New Website, New Album, New Chapter

01 August 2008

Finally, the new website is here! This marks the start of a whole new episode.


My new album Rocking Horse is recently finished and we are working hard to prepare for its release later this year.

As promised, I kept a detailed journal all about the making of the Rocking Horse album which was the result of three years of writing, dreaming and traveling.

The album was produced by Max Richter and was recorded in Edinburgh and Glasgow, in the first half of 2008.

I will be publishing the Rocking Horse Journal on this site closer to the release of the album.


Keep checking here for news on the Rocking Horse album release date and to preview tracks from the album

Also please join the mailing list so that we can let you know about releases, gigs and competitions.

I hope that you will enjoy using this site, it is completely independent and was created so that you can have direct contact with me and my music. I read all the messages sent to the forum and will sometimes reply and get involved with the threads.

For the first time ever, we are now selling T-shirts and other merchandise in the shop. Due to so many people asking for T-shirts and signed photos, we have now made them available to you to buy.

All money raised from merchandise will go straight back in to making another record.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support.

Thanks to Andy Gosling / Antenna Industries for creating this site.

I would also like to thank my partner, Metso for his relentless support in all my endeavors, and for providing many of the photographs for this site.
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20 responses to this journal entry:


On 09 July 2008 Dr. Lee said:

Hey Kelli!

Nice new site.

Cant wait for your new recordI saw the Kids video on youtube….very cool

Let me know if you come to Montreal or Ottawa.

You rock Sista!



On 09 July 2008 Równowago said:

Hi Kelli smile

I’ve published that interview on two sites but here I want to give link to one of them published on polish fanblog which I’ve created (it’s only in Polish but in English will be available soon):

I’m waiting for ‘Rocking Horse’...

PS. On that second link more than 14 thousand people read this interview.


On 10 July 2008 Równowago said:

OK, I’ve made english version:


On 13 July 2008 Dennis Jacquinet said:

Very cool Kelli. You rock.


On 13 July 2008 Joe said:

This is awesome Kelli. i am so glad you have new music coming out soon smile


On 14 July 2008 Michael Critz said:

I’m excited for some more Kelli Ali! I’ve been a long time fan and never really knew it. I would hear your music the old-fashioned way, hanging with friends.

Then, I was trolling through iTunes and behold! Kelli Ali was that certain voice behind so many of the tracks I’d been listening to all these years.


On 16 July 2008 john hassell said:

Hi Kelli.John from Press Darlings here.Good to see new music from yourself is on the way.Good luck and keep me informed if UK dates are in the offing.John and on behalf of Sandra and Panic.


On 16 July 2008 Denton Perry said:

Hi Kelli,

Love the new site and great to hear that the new album is finished. I am looking forward to hearing your new material. I will be checking your MySpace player (I assume you will post some tracks there).

Kind regards - Dent


On 23 July 2008 Braulio said:

Hey Kelli !! I love the new site. Glad to hear that you’re coming up with a new album. “Psychic Cat” is getting me through so much and I hold it close to me like a blanket. Thank you so much for your music.

I really hope that you perform over here in Chicago one day   ; )


On 26 July 2008 Nathan X said:

Good to hear you’re back. We eagerly await your new album. Keep up the good work.


On 28 July 2008 Brodie-Ann said:

Hey Kelli,
Great new website!
I can’t wait to hear the new album too!

You have been a huge inspiration to me as a female songwriter and performer.
I have only just finished recording my own little independent E.P.
Both your music and your own personal story helped me a great deal.

Make sure you come play in Australia some time!


On 28 July 2008 Rud said:

OMG! New cd!!!
Kelli, I love u


On 01 August 2008 Ben said:


This is ace news; loved your first two albums, been waiting for the next one patiently.

Lots of anticipation - weyhey!


On 03 August 2008 Chungyen Chang said:

Kelli, you have no idea how excited I am. smile  I loved your first two albums and I can’t wait to hear the new one!


On 05 August 2008 AdamE said:

Hey Kelli!

I’m rhorewyn on and I’ve also got you on Facebook smile . We spoke previously through and I just wanted to say how thrilled I am you have new material coming out; and that i’ll soon be able to purchase Kelli Ali merch!!

stay true; stay you!

much love,



On 08 August 2008 PHXHoward said:

Really looking forward to the new album!! Congrats


On 14 August 2008 Jason Difenderfer said:

i absolutely luv you!


On 20 August 2008 Greg said:

I’m excited to hear the new album - love the first two (esp. Inferno High Love, Angel in LA, Grafitti Boy and Voyeur).  I hope it will be available on eMusic!


On 27 August 2008 James Freeman said:

Hi Kelli
Great New Site
Love Your Music Can’t Wait for the New Record
Take Care


On 29 August 2008 Marco M. said:

Hello Kelli!
I’m just arriving to your renewed website now.
It’s really cool!
I was hungry to hear new music from you. smile


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