San Francisco Woodstock 40th Anniversary West Fest

26 October 2009

Wow what a day! I was so happy to attend Woodstock’s 40th anniversary West Fest at San Francisco’s Golden gate Park,yesterday!
Lee Oscar, Ronnie Montrose and Talking Heads were among the acts gracing the stage at this free event and everyone rocked! It was a beautiful day of sunlight,peace and happiness.
The atmosphere sighed with the smokey haze of free love and good will to all and the raibow haired phantom of The Summer of Love danced between our feet as we swayed to the sound of electric guitars and singing voices.


The sound system was extremely good and much appreciated by the 70,000 or so of us who rolled up to the lovely park to enjoy the plethora of experiences that this fine day fest had to offer the ramblers and hobos, freaks, kids and hippies, travelers and voyeurs like us.

Whilst I wandered amongst the dancing bodies, the tokers and dreamers,I spoke with people who told me that something heavy was going down in our time, that this era is just as mind blowingly crazy and politically charged as the 1960’s and the general consensus that some huge battle was being waged in our subconcious for a deeper truth, against an unseen all encompassing enemy was prevalent among the people I spoke with.

Were they simply refugees from a love revolution lost in time and trying to make sense of their existence in this modern world? Or is it true? Are we on the verge of some new kind of revolution, will we someday find ourselves chanting the mantras alternative to ‘Give Peace a Chance?’
Who knows? Not me.
Today, I was content to take in the beautiful California Sunshine and enjoy the smiles and handshakes, hugs and warmth of the beautiful people around me.Enjoy the music and feel very very grateful that the Summer of Love happened once up on a time and from it so much great music was born. God Bless You San Francisco. xx

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