Snow in October

29 October 2008

I can hardly believe that we are at the end of October. The snow flurried down today, a billion little flakes dancing to their union with the cold grey pavement. Later in the afternoon, everything was covered in the peaceful white blessing.

Something happens to sound also when the snow is heavy enough.There’s an audible difference to the atmosphere. I really enjoy the snow. I enjoy staring into the infinite spiraling source of the snowflakes. next time it snows hard where you are, you should try it. Stare up into the snow and as you look, your eyes begin to penetrate the distance and pretty soon, you can see quite a way up into the sky. Always, those lovely little crystals swirling ever farther back. It’s bewildering, the beauty.

I am so looking forward to next week. We’ll be playing some more gigs, one at Madame Jo Jo’s in Soho London on the 3rd November supporting Jessie. Then the next night on the 4th November, we’ll be playing a free headline gig at The Bedford in Balham London.

I get so excited about playing gigs these days. I suppose I always did but I just seem more aware of my feelings and things around me nowadays. I’m more clear headed I suppose!

I’m really enjoying playing with my new band too. It’s all very inspiring.

I’m listening to an opera by Phillip Glass now, it’s called Satyagraha. It’s very dramatic and I would love to see it live!

I was listening to Nico today, she really is such an amazing artist. I know she’s dead but that doesn’t stop her being ever present in her music. I only recently learned that she played the harmonium on her records. It just blew me away. Her melodies and harmonies are so timeless and unique, as well as that heart stopping voice! I can’t imagine that the harmonium is an easy instrument to learn either. I want one! I would love to learn the harmonium.

Where would I put it ? I am always traveling. One day, I would love to learn the harmonium and I suppose it will be when I have a house with cats and I no longer travel much. What a strange figure that conjures! If I were to get very old,I would be even smaller than I am now! I would be fragile and even stranger than I am now I assume, with cats and a haunted harmonium! Favicon Bookmark on   Digg Favicon Bookmark on Digg   Reddit Favicon Bookmark on Reddit  


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On 27 November 2008 terry said:

i love you kelli and if ya get old just look me up and ill be there for ya. love youre music,keep it up. i wish i could meet ya sometime. love always,terry.

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