The Savages D/L Single Released Today

09 February 2009

The Savages D/L single is now available on iTunes. The single includes an acoustic version of the song Rocking Horse and an original cover version of Willow’s Song from the film ‘The Wicker Man’

The Savages is a nursery rhyme for the damned, a narrative to the musings of a lost soul.I wrote The Savages by firelight and I would always work on the song at night.I adore gothic literature and poetry and whilst the subject matter of the song revolves around the timeless question of existence and our animal selves versus our ‘civilized’ selves, I consciously worked the verses around a central nursery rhyme pattern.

The first verse begins, ‘I see myself, reflected in the windows of the street, like someone else, my shadow crawling underneath my feet’ This line symbolizes the loss of self and metamorphosis of the psyche which we go through from time to time when we are extremely fearful or in pain or in an altered state and no longer surrounded by what we are used to.

Existentialism and the question of the absurd and meaninglessness of the world in its ever evolving form of confusion and abstract wonder in relation to the human individual has always greatly interested me.I concerned myself with making The Savages a song to address the animal within us all and the inherent confusion which underlies our very being as creatures which are all too aware of their own existence but completely in the dark when it comes to answering

some of the most fundamental questions about so many things.I wrote the guitar parts for the song way before I wrote the lyrics and it took me a long time to work out how to say what i wanted to say.

I experimented with many different verses and story ideas and eventually maybe a year after I began writing the song, I finally found the last verse.‘A crazy tale, the tongue of its creator cut and burned but we prevail for nobody knows quite what else to do’This line is from the last verse of the song and is the ending which I had been searching for for so long. It evokes the idea of primitive ceremony and violent ritual practiced by humans even now and also contains a kind of fairy tale caution which warns us of complacency. Favicon Bookmark on   Digg Favicon Bookmark on Digg   Reddit Favicon Bookmark on Reddit  


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On 22 January 2009 Mr. J said:

I had always hoped that you would play “Willow’s Song”. Although I had always suggested you do the Pimp’s electronic version on your other websites, this is even better. I cannot wait to hear the acoustic version with your voice on it. I know it will be just as haunting and beautiful as the version featured on Becoming X. Thank you Kelli.


On 13 February 2009 Eve Jay said:

Just bought “Willow’s Song” from the Savage EP on iTunes, an acoustic version of the track better known as “How Do” from the Sneaker Pimps era.
So feminine and beautiful… Thank you Kelli, for showing us this aspect of the song. I love it.

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