What To Do

21 October 2008

As a preview to my new Rocking Horse album, we will be releasing a double A side single on November 10th 2008.

photo by Lara Jade

I wrote the song ‘What To Do’ about all the ephemeral moments and experiences which make up the scrapbook of a life.
I wanted to make a song which was like a tale about dealing with memories and missed opportunities and what if’s.

Sometimes it’s the dark things things and unhappy times which teach us the most.
Sometimes, the laughter we share with a friend can be a healing elixir that stays with us for years.

If it were possible to gather all of the most important experiences in our lives and arrange them neatly in a book, as we do sometimes with old photographs and letters, we might find that the things that make the most sense in our lives are our friends and the people we love. The souls who touch us and make the journey of our lives that much more beautiful.

‘What to Do’ is a song about remembering that we are all on a journey. We all love and suffer and rejoice. Each day is a chance to do something special or share something magical with someone. Even if we are by ourselves, we can take a moment to look back on where we’ve been and ponder this incredible journey.

The songs ‘What To Do’ and ‘One day at a Time’ feature on the single which will be available via download on the One Little Indian Store and from all major download sites. Favicon Bookmark on   Digg Favicon Bookmark on Digg   Reddit Favicon Bookmark on Reddit  


11 responses to this journal entry:


On 22 October 2008 Muffy St. Bernard said:

Wow! I really love these understated arrangements and unpretentious lyrics! Like “One Day At A Time” it just seems straightforward and honest. As somebody said on the Q music blog, this style is perfect for an autumn day.


On 22 October 2008 Ray said:

Interesting take.


On 22 October 2008 Lisa said:

Sounds beautiful! Can’t wait for the album :]


On 23 October 2008 Peter said:

You are so wonderful Kelli!


On 24 October 2008 Maximum Vegetto said:

You are SO TRULY SPECIAL my baby Ali, GO Kelli Ali, GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!


On 26 October 2008 Maximum Vegetto said:

I want dancing with you some day… !!!


On 08 November 2008 SAWK said:

first time coming across your name and this page. Wonderful and touching timing. Just the other day I quickly made a home video of myself on a bridge with creek underneath and sky over head. When reviewing it I noticed I captured my cowboy boots. Oddly this struck a thought. This photo of you on bridge, the elements are so beautiful to me. We are beautiful people with wonderful tales.  I am at aww at how I am touch by this picture and it’s occurance to be in front of my eyes. Thank you and I’ll look for this new ablum of tales.


On 16 November 2008 Chris said:

This essay hit me like Sledgehammer by BTO.Thanks for sharing your perspective on the Upside,it’s joy that gets us through the blues and I’m enjoying your perspective thankyou.


On 05 March 2009 Matthew King said:

I’ve been in love with your voice since Sneaker Pimps, I love your new direction.As you may know One day…... has a very special meaning to a lot of people, and is really the only way to live life. I love the new album, and I wish fate would have brought us together on your nomadic, California, journey. Perhaps it will some day…I can only Hope….
Much Love.


On 06 April 2009 Rob Johnson said:

Hi. i just wanted to say that i recently was going through some of my CD’s and came across becoming x. I am listening to it in my car at the moment. I wanted to let you know that your voice on this album is sensational to me, i guess to the point that i am writing this now. I have not really followed your music since that album, life changes, but this album reminds me of a great time in my life and how i love the effect your voice seems to have on me. I think most recent i have heard your voice on was my december, which i loved also, its a great song. I’m 39 now, and have learnt that if you have something good to say, you should say it. I think you are very talented, and there is something about your voice that honestly touches me in a way i cant describe (like most guys i am crap with words!) I am going to buy all your CD’s and am looking forward to hearing them. Not sure if you even read these comments, but in my mind, it was you that made all those songs sound so good. You can be very confident in that fact. Rob


On 28 June 2009 Baglama buyusu said:

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